Raspberry Pi – Video Upload Server

Upload your videos to youtube/vimeo/dailymotion without a click. Ever want to upload a video, but tired of waiting so long for the upload on your laptop/desktop to complete before moving on to other tasks? Mad that the upload process keeps getting interrupted by your crash or reboots?

Introducing the Raspberry Pi – VidUploadServer.

The Original: All of the steps explained in a DIY format   Youtube Uploader

Updated:  More concise steps   20 Steps to Youtube Upload

Now: 5 simple steps.

This project has been in work for sometime.  The final project is a github respository of scripts that aid in the setup of everything and make it cake-easy to implement. Also, two more services work. Whereas with the originals only youtube worked. However, now dailymotion and vimeo also work.

The basic idea is to have a raspberry pi stuck somewhere (on your desk, near the router, etc) affixed so that a thumb drive can easily be plugged into it. Then within a minute the raspberry pi will automatically upload the video file without a click.

At this point the setup is extremely easy to setup, and get working.Down from 20 difficult steps to just a few easy commands

1.) Clone the git (read download)

cd ~
git clone https://github.com/mox386/VidUploadServer.git

2.) Run the install to grab all the apt-get repositories and python pip libraries.

cd ~/VidUploadServer

3.) Follow the steps for the video service to obtain the required client/secrets/token etc.

4.) Run the NewChannel script and follow the prompts and paste in the login info.


5.) Put a video in a folder on the thumb drive and plug it into the raspberry pi. If everything worked it should start an upload within 1 minute.


  • If you mess up at anytime during the NewChannel script, run the RemoveChannel Script to start over.
  • Keep in mind that multiple channels can be setup, but a folder on the thumb drive is key to keeping them separate.
  • Vimeo/dailymotion are almost identical, but google is somewhat different.
  • A video of some stuff that used to be applicable: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmXn6g-hliA