Raspberry Pi – The Basic Setup

There are tons of tutorials all over the internet on setting up a Raspberry Pi, this is just another one of those. Basic steps:

  1. Gather the hardware
  2. Install the operating system and setup the network
  3. Setup your control
  4. Pick one of the flavors and go, or make your own

The original name of this project/website was AOID. An AOID is an, ‘Always On Information Display’. That uses a raspberry pi to display information that you don’t want to have to access a computer to get. The idea is to have a monitor on the Wall/Desk that simply displays the information that one wants to see, instead of extra work to get at it instead of fingers, you merely walk up to the display.

Currently, there are only several working flavors of AOID:

AOID Fractals – A colorful display of hypnotic shapes

AOID Kismet – A network scanner showing current network activity

AOID Spycam – A replay of the days events, over and over again

AOID Weather – A current weather display AOID Website (In Work)

AOID Webpate – Displays any website you want (minus flash)  — (In Work).

There is also other projects that do not require a monitor:

Raspberry pi Video Uploader – Upload videos to youtube/vimeo/dailymotion seamlessly without a click.

Raspberry Pi VPN – (in Work)


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