What is computer dungeon?

It’s a lair full of computers and monitors hacked together out of all sorts of parts. You might have seen it in a movie, or maybe been lucky enough to have seen it in real life. Hey, maybe you have one yourself. It looks something like this here.


Yes that’s me back in 2008/9. I bought a bunch of past-effectivity dellsĀ from a corporate surplus store, a bunch of monitors/wires off the internet, some lumber, and brackets. Of course it doesn’t look like that anymore because of many reasons. I’ve moved several times and hardware slowly died. The IBM boxes were the first to go, all the dells eventually died one-by-one, and the scanner/printer died too. All 5 acer monitors are still in operation (weird).

Sometimes people have the gall to ask why, then don’t listen to the response. It had to do with stock derivatives… long story.

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